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Each week throughout the season one of our knowledgeable staff pens an article on topics that are helpful to our wholesale nursery and hardscape clients, featuring tips, plant info and current topics in the news. View archived versions of the past several seasons of newsletters below.

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2016 Articles

Promise of spring Changes to the starting lineup Early season weed prevention
Organic solutions to weed control Carnations for Mom New paver products for 2016
Planting crab apples Don't get stuck! Renewal pruning deciduous shrubs
Pink or red dogwood - what's the difference? 2016 - the year of flexibility Help minimize the loss of honeybees
Ground covers in 2016 Give us a call! What are the 3 F's of Design?
Some new trees for 2016 How to choose purple Weigela Edge restraints preserve your paver job
Kousa dogwood - a hidden gem Zanfel poison ivy treatment Annabelle hydrangea
Summertime blues! Fernleaf Full-Moon Maple Planting wish list
"Little" plants Standout trees Rain gardens
A 'Regal Prince' 2016 Winners Agastache
Ferns - an ancient plant Dealing with shortages Inkarho Rhododendron
Bug gardening Bees need our help When to use Holly-tone
Lighting discounts Predicting peak fall color Fall is the best time to fertilize
Planning for winter interest Planting a Christensen's plant
Trees for 2017 - what to expect The Cap'n Obvious Report 2016 Lego accents

2015 Articles

Ready... Set... Go! New paver products for 2015 Why is material "short" in 2015?
'Arnold Promise' Witchhazel Skinny trees that perform! EasyPro 12 steps pond cleanup
New perennials for 2015 Selling in a good year Tell us what you'd like to see
Tips & tricks to get you in & out Affordable Yellowwood New mulch location
Fix tired landscapes! Prevent tree handling damage Think outside the box
Ornamental grasses 101 New customers and safety Fast customer load times
Sittin' in the shade! Weed suppression Boxwood losses
Rock solid technology Hydrangea crossword! Lighting season
Summer blooming perennials Proper planting height Wire basket pros and cons
Safety at the nursery Asian Longhorned Beetle The Landscape Buddy!
Woolly Aphid on Beech Time to think about fall bulbs Excellent ornamental plants
How to use boulders in the landscape My variegated plant is reverting! Concrete vs natural stone
Name games Hydrangea & The Seven Dwarves Heat stress and tarping
Trees are scarce - time to sub! Carl Linnaeus, Plant Hero! "Chip dirt"
Reinvest in your success Montauk Daisy Sending your customers in?
The 2016 plant material outlook Do we owe you some cash? The Cap'n Obvious Report 2015

2014 Articles

I hope you enjoyed your winter Frost laws! Out of the tundra...
What have I forgotten? Trees - a necessary beauty Inexpensive replacements
Winter lawn damage Great performing broadleaf Spring quotes
What's lurking in the nursery? New paver products for 2014 Phlox: short, medium & tall
Cornus kousa vs C. florida Sowing grass seed Customer service
Carpe Diem! Attracting hummingbirds Have a safe summer
Summer seasonal color Paeloecology Why I chose the Green Industry
Visiting the nursery Nyssa sylvatica 'Forum' Loading and tarping your loads
Prevent winter damage Fall evergreen season Non-invasive buddleia
Oak wilt Buxus varieties at CPC CPC service
Summer snowflakes? Hidden Lake Gardens Why you should mulch
Out of stock? Substitutions Keeping up with Hardscape Noteworthy new bulbs for fall
Conifer cone ID quiz! Death by water Fall planting evergreens
Pruning tips Fothergilla gardenii "Growing Trucks"
My arbs are dying! (not) Fall pruning of grasses & roses Are crabapples out of style?
Winter burn on evergreens Will you lead the change or...? A thank you and a... donut?

2013 Articles

Mulch volcanoes! YIKES Hiring? Here's what to do Stock availability this year
New faces this spring Rose Rosette Disease "Commercial Grade" ?
Why do your PJMs suffer? Rehabbing stagnant ponds My plants need a quick kick!
Upright Japanese Maples Plants for wet feet Controlling pond algae
Paver maintenance Plants for hot and dry Is your truck too small?
Drainage problems? "The Thorne Identity" Helpful hints for a short spring
...forest for the trees? Seeing RED Container grown trees
LED lamps vs Halogen Slag vs 2NS for pavers The good old days
Reconnecting with customers Cool Clematis Cotinus Cage Match!
Diversify your plantings Successional bloom Versatile LED strip lights
Shorter days - Already? Viburnumophile II - the puzzle August pruning
Fall "digging hazard" trees Polymeric sand tips When is it enough water?
Water features made easy The late, late, no show Yellowwood
Plants for fall interest Why fall color comes early here A tale of two Oak-ish plants
Arpillera / Burlap When to pull out the pesticides What happened to this tree?
Top 10 end-of-season quotes Excitement for 2014 Broaden your horizons

2012 Articles

More variety, more fun! Helpful government Name that plant!
Spring training New year, new format Winter...hum!
Rise 'n' shine Extra danger of frost damage New Echinacea for 2012
Taken by storm! Tired of replacing rhodies? A little light goes a long way
Spring bed maintenance Witch hazel guide Rose feeding tips
Wheelbarrows that "fit" Best base for laying pavers Later blooming magnolias
Short spring dig season Is it a cherry or a dogwood? Buildings keep plants warm
Time to divide those grasses! Is the danger of frost past? Green Giant arborvitae
Let us provide photos! Rosetta Outcropping tips "Special orders" now "stock"
Remember your tarp Landscaping with edibles Grow your own Super Food
Urban Apples Edible groundcover? To catalog or not to catalog?
Concolor Fir Little Shop Of Horrors Roses, beyond the thorns
I love to prune! New Hardscape products The ABCs of pruning clematis
Prunus and prejudice Watering plants on the jobsite Soil Moist
Government update Transporting nursery stock Custom limestone
Hello, my name is... Niche planting Mid-summer plant care
Right place, right plant Wrong plant, wrong place! French drains made easy
Hidden jewels at CPC What's "up" in landscaping? Green Screen view-blocker
Choosing climbing plants Shade tolerant ornamentals Lighting Season!
Leaf scorch and heat stress Soil Moist can save you on jobs Taxodium 'Peve Minaret'
MNLA Autumn Expo 9/20/12 With just a little lime, please Nearly forgotten fall color
Fall into a new season of color! Deer damage in the landscape Updating - it's not the 70's
Deer repellents Viburnums! Plant winterization
Don't stop watering this fall! New lighting hardware Maintain your equipment
The Real Deal on fall clean-ups Fall blooming Witchhazel Basic Bulbology
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